Small business Saturday

Today is small business Saturday . I want to thank everyone who has made it possible for me to do what I love. It is always exciting to get a new opportunity or hear from a repeat client- or simply a hi or hello in my inbox.

You can shop through my Etsy shop from today until Monday . Use code “small20” and get 20% off when you check out . I’ve added some of my new illustrations for the holidays and I hope to add a few more in the days to come. You may have seen some of the illustrations if you follow me on Instagram.  Personalized / custom work is already discounted – so now would be a great time to get that Christmas gift for your loved ones.

You can also check out Casetify where i sell my designs / illustrations on phone cases etc . Something new, fashionable or simply colorful for your phone ? Casetify has a sale for upto 30% that you can avail of here.





Food Illustrations with Runwayz Magazine

Hello lovelies, I am back after a long hiatus. I have so much to update , yikes !

Here’s something different than fashion – something that we all need and everyone loves – Food  . I recently did a few food illustrations in collaboration with Runwayz Magazine . The illustrations are related to a few fall recipes . And they all look yum . Go check it out .. 🙂

Bon Appetit !



Haute Couture Week SS/16

Hey guys,

It’s February .. how did that happen ?

Like I mentioned in my last post, there was so much to sketch from the Haute Couture Week at Paris . So much. I loved sketching the dresses. I wish I had more time sketch . I wasn’t able to get to all of my favorites. Maybe I will , slowly.

So here are some of my top favorites.. In no particular order – I guess, just in the order that I sketched them.

I had posted Irinia Shayk for Versace in my last post. But I think she should also be included in this post , don’t you agree ? – to keep them all in one spot .


Armani debuted gorgeous hues – call them lilac, purple, lavender – whatever you will. I loved the silouhetttes and the gorgeous patterns in them. They did an awesome job with the hair as well – in this model’s case – very retro.

Elie Saab


Elie Saab captured my heart with this collection – Enter India. Well, any collection that has been inspired by India, already has my attention ! I have seen objects/ ideas/ clothes ‘inspired’ by India previously . mmm , not really , folks !

Elie Saab , maintained his identity and style but infused his inspiration into it seamlessly . The result was simply gorgeous.

Zuhair Murad


Zuhair Murad

What can I say about Zuhair Murad  ? His collection had gorgeous fabric, beautiful colors ranging from pastels to bright reds. Both these sketches of Zuhair Murad were very appreciated on Instagram. I am so thankful to everyone who liked, commented and interacted with me on these pieces. I got lost in them, as I was sketching them. Really enjoyed the process. Such is the magic of these designers !

Elie Saab

This dress is worthy of a princess. I loved it. I loved detailing it and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s not only Elie Saab but its so beautifully crafted in an Indian way. The perfect blend.

Lastly, Giambatissta Valli. Tulle – whats not to love ?! These dresses were making their rounds on the internet.  Every illustrator’s dream , right ? They’ve been sketched in every angle , possible . I tried a different angle – at least I think , it hasn’t been sketched from these angles !

Giambattista Valli 

So for all these illustrations, I basically grabbed every art media I could to interpret them the best way the designer envisioned them. I used watercolors, marker pens, pens, gel pens, acrylic paints, inks .. I guess that just about covers it.

Lately, I have been on Snapchat a lot. I show a lot of behind the scenes, works in progress on it. Its fun for me to share and interact with people who are interested in what I do. So come join me on it. My username is lakshsarkar on SnapChat. I look forward to Snapping with you – is that how its supposed to be ?! I won’t snap , I’ll chat – hows that ? 🙂