NYFW Illustrations


Hello friends, its been a while !  I’m finally getting around to uploading the rest my illustrations inspired by New York Fashion week.

  1. Marissa Webb : I love how both these looks work in their own ways. Ms Webb has a flair for perfection.
Marissa Webb

2. Rossie Assoulin : As you can see both these sketches – Marissa Webb and Rossie Assoulin – have swift strokes . For some reason, my hand moves quicker with certain looks . They inspire me to work quickly and deftly . Maybe it’s the movement in the fabric or the way it drapes around the model – I’ll never know why my hand moves the way it does ! These were Winsor and Newton watercolors and Sakura micron pens.

Rossie Assoulin’s style is very unique . I love the playfulness in the outfits along with the ways she conjures up new styles that gives it the stylish and chic look.

Rossie Assoulin

3. Bibhu Mohpatra : The color of the fabric, the silouhette and the gold flecked eye shadows took my breath away.

Bibhu Mohpatra

4. Ralph Lauren : That gold dress – that’s all I have to say  ! I used every gold tool I had. I think this may have been my first time experimenting with Gold leaf as well. It works well for shimmery looks .

Ralph Lauren

5. Marchesa : They can do no wrong . Look at that dress – so beautiful that I illustrated both front and back .


6. Caroline Herrera : Its a vision in purple as Karlie Kloss floats in this gorgeous creation.


I hope you like them ! Comments, thoughts, please share.




Survived the Storm

Hello from the other side….

We were pounded with snow starting last Friday. They weren’t kidding , when they said, there would be a lot of snow. I believe we got at least 2 -1/2 feet of snow , if not more.

The stores were packed with people stocking up, the days leading up to Friday and even Friday at noon. I was in there picking up a few things. Once it started snowing, I was happy being indoors. But my kids and the other kids in our neighborhood  showed me what it was to be a kid and how to enjoy the snow . From ‘helping’ by shoveling the snow, to making snow angels and snow blobs and more , they loved it.

After Friday night, it was best to just stay indoors. And I made the most of it , by working on some winter inspired illustrations.

Blake Lively checking out the storm in my neighborhood !

By Saturday afternoon it was pretty clear to me and my daughter that there was more to this storm than just #stormjonas. We decided Queen Elsa had brought the weather with her. That was the only explanation . So here she is- Elsa reimagined – You just have to Let it go , sometimes!

Elsa – reimagined 

I also had sometime to create an original sketch of a group of chic women who take Winter and Winter fashion seriously and they are in my Etsy shop for purchase.

Is there anything that you’d like me to sketch as art prints ? Im open to ideas and suggestions.

These girls are available as Art Print in my Etsy Shop for purchase 

Moving on from winter … strictly metaphorically speaking – like I have a choice .. Its Haute Couture Week , which means there is so much eye candy out there for me to sketch! And not enough time. But I am going to try.

I started off with sketching Irina Shayk in Versace. I mean, she is drop dead gorgeous and killed it on the runway. So it was a lot of fun sketching her.

Irina Shayk for Versace 

Before I wrap up this post , I wanted to thank Taraji P Henson for reposting my illustration of her on Instagram to her 6.6 million followers ! Insane , right ?!

Taraji P Henson in Stella McCartney at the Golden Globes 

Lastly , I want thank everyone who takes a minute to read my blog or follows me on Instagram! I value your support and love to hear from you. Please email me or contact me via Instagram or comment , even if it is just to say hi . I love hearing from people.



December is here..

Hello lovelies,

I cannot believe the  year is almost drawing to an end. Its the beginning of December.  In our household, it means, I just got done with both my kids’ birthday parties. Majority of the birthdays in our family begin in October. My sisters, my husband, father- in-law, my niece , my son , my brother-in-law and my daughter. Lots of birthdays, phew !

December begins with my daughter’s birthday , there’s holiday parties, Christmas , my own birthday and of course the year ends – in that order .

There’s lots of illustrations to be done , in all of this, of course.

I’ve been busy with a few commissioned pieces, which I love. If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram, you’ll see the stuff I’ve been playing with.

It’s hard to pick , but here are some of my favorite pieces.

I came across this gorgeous dress designed by Suneet Varma, an Indian designer. The red just caught my eye . Give him some love. Really one to watch .

This particular piece was regrammed by the designer. yay.. to me its a recognition that the designer appreciates the way I interpret his vision in my own way. I also feel very connected to the designer and his/her vision.

Suneet Varma

Who doesn’t like shoes and heels ? Pair them up with some frayed hem jeans as reported by The Zoe Project – you’ll be on point.

Heels and frayed jeans = awesome 


I love illustrating movement , as is obvious in many of my sketches – be it fashion , street style , dance and sport . Its all about conveying that energy in an artistic way. I am inspired by the photographs taken by the nycdanceproject . If you haven’t checked them out, you should. Here’s a sketch inspired by their picture from last Monday.


More shoes. I love them .. which girl doesn’t , right ?


Pantone delighted the world by announcing the Color of the Year for 2016 – not one , but two – Rose Quartz and Serenity ! Thank you , Pantone !



This is me, literally , thanking Pantone !

This dress .. speechless !

Marchesa Fashion’s SS16 couture from NYFW 

I also want to highlight the fashion happening in Australia . I am an Indian-born Australian living in the U.S. I tend to stay connected to all these parts of me through illustrating them . Keeps me inspired and hopefully , I bring to you content that is fresh and new.

Erin Holland dressed in Danni Minogue for Target Australia and Jean Paul Gaultier. Pretty Stunning , huh ? 

Lastly , I want to leave you with this gorgeous ballerina – yes, again …

Leanne Lovette for nycdanceproject 

This one just felt like she was floating – poetry in motion. One of those pictures that you feel just has to be illustrated !

I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you . I will be back again to share more with you . In the meantime, email me – lsartillustration (at) gmail.com)  to say hi or follow me on Instagram to keep up and connect .