Hi, I’m Lakshmi . Thanks for stopping by. I am an avid color enthusiast. I paint, doodle, sketch, draw and create everyday.  My inspirations range from nature to architecture to fashion to color to anything that is around me. I try to blend my varied interests using color, pens into art that encompasses intricate patterns, movement and beauty.

Born and raised mostly in India and the Middle East, I moved to the U.S in 2000. My background is architecture . I worked and lived in the midwest until 2008 when we made another big move to Australia. I called Sydney my home until 2013. I am now an Aussie national living in Virginia – about 25 miles west of Washington D.C.

Hence you will find me drawing inspiration from the places that have moulded me, shaped me , influenced me and interpreting that into my artwork and illustrations.

I reference fashion , architecture and seasons from various parts of the world because these places are all a part of me . They have influenced me as a person and my artistic style. Hey, you can take a girl out of a place – but you can never take the place out of the girl !

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