Post Memorial day

I’ve been incognito .. and I have no excuse. But here’s a bunch of stuff I did over the last 9 days. I got caught up with the gorgeous gowns at the Cannes Festival . I couldn’t help but illustrate Aishwarya Rai’s gown by Elie Saab. Quite the mermaid look, don’t you think ?


Florals for my watercolor practice …



Working on this spread to create a pattern and its emerging.


Cocktails for Friday 🙂

DSC_0018 And then … Memorial Day weekend.. I was sapped . No energy and I was in my PJs for two days. No fun . This is what I pretty much looked like with a gorgeous day outside. No fun .


Thankfully, I was back to normal on Monday – armed and dangerous 😉




Today has been a slow day … I hope to pick it up and create more soon.

Hope you had a good Memorial day weekend  !



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